TAI takes individual care of its students through an extensive range of Support and Wellbeing services

Student Services

The Student Department at TAI Arts University provides an integrated service to ensure that advice, support and information is available to each and every student, equipping and enabling them to succeed.

  • Tracking their well-being through designated integral tutors.
  • Providing guidance and tools to overcome any problem that is affecting their learning.
  • Listening to students´ suggestions and concerns by phone or face-to-face appointments.
  • Keeping in touch with parents and family through annual Family Meetings.
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Integral Tutors

Several members of our teaching staff are also tutors who supervise and assist students across the academic year. Not only do they monitor their learning process and general well-being but they design improvement plans to tackle problems that may arise.


Counselling and Psychological Attention

TAI offers its students a free and confidential service with a professionally qualified therapist. Students can ask for an appointment to receive free diagnosis and, if needed, referral to a specialist.

Psychological support and wellbeing is also provided through groups sessions and talks, covering issues such as anxiety, dealing with pressure, homesickness or bullying.

Other Services

In its pursue to offer a fully integrated service, the Student Department also manages:


Focus Groups:

These are group activities that take place twice a year in which students are free to share all their suggestions, concerns and demands.


Quality Committees and Surveys

At the end of every academic year, TAI organises surveys among all of its students and hosts quality control committees.


Family Meetings

The institution hosts yearly events which are specially focused on new students and cover educational matters, student support and an open forum question panel, among others.

All Your Channels of Communication

If you have an individual concern or question:

… about a particular subject → contact your teacher

… about your program → contact the Program Director

… about a personal matter → contact your Tutor