Financing with Zank

TAI University offers its students funding options to help them plan their finances.

In its aim to make education available for everyone, TAI offers the possibility to pay each course in a series of affordable instalments, ranging from 3 to 60 months periods. An Official Degree, Diploma or Master Degree payment can be settled for less than 200 euros per month.

Requesting an individual funding plan is both fast and easy. Filling in your personal info will only take 5 minutes and within the next 24 hours you will receive a detailed breakdown of the payment terms and conditions that adjust to your profile. From then on, a fractioned payment system may be available for request.

Our team of Admissions Coordinators will be happy to help you through the process and solve any questions and demands.
Just contact them at

Who is elligible for funding?

  • New students who want to enrol in the 2020-21 course
  • Current students that renew their tuition for upcoming 2020-21 course
Financiación TAI


Such is the name given to paid work activities performed by students in a temporary collaboration between them and the University or Grupo Arts’ network.

This financial aid option allows students to obtain an income that will allow them to bear costs of tuition.

After signing an Educational Cooperation Agreement, students enroll in a TAI_Job for one of Grupo Arts or TAI University´s many departments or facilities: Technical Support, Events Coordination, Communication, Editing and Design, Cabaret Café, International or The House of Artists residence, among others.

Work schedules are agreed by both parts and ensure that students will never have to miss a class.

Scholarships by talent

If you are a Spanish or international student willing to enroll in any of TAI University´s courses, you are eligible to receive a scholarship.

The amount of each scholarship will take into account the candidate´s personal talent, merits and circumstances.

Every new year, there will be an annual call with dates set in advance, both for new and current students. Candidates should register in a predetermined application form through this website, attach certain documents and fulfil a series of essential requirements.

beca talento TAI