TAI Arts University has continued to grow and develop within a series of platforms and companies under the name Grupo Arts

TAI and Grupo Arts provide students and alumni with employability, mentoring and entrepreneurship resources including a professional artistic production company called ATM (Abre Tu Mente).

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Abre tu mente Producciones

Abre Tu Mente (ATM) is a platform for artistic production directly linked to TAI University.

It launches and develops top-notch quality projects with students and alumni in direct collaboration with first class professionals from the artistic, performing arts and audiovisual industries, many of which are also teachers in TAI.

Each year, TAI´s most talented students in each artistic discipline will shoot a feature film and a major stage project.

+ INFO: atm-abretumente.com​

Company internships

TAI works in collaboration with over 400 companies and institutions. A wide range of partnership agreements that connect the academic and professional mediums.

Through the subject “Work practice and entrepreneurship”, TAI facilitates internship positions for students to fully develop their employability and work skills.

All internships are supervised by both an in-company tutor and an academic tutor.

Alternatively, students can embark as entrepreneurs in individual projects where they will equally practice their professional skills and apply their academic knowledge.